Type: Application
Potential Revenue Stream: $$$$
Pitch: Awkward family photos are a memorable gem and humorous entertainment. It’s when you try to recreate the situation, poses and attire does the spirit of the original really come to life. What is even more comical is when someone else tries to relive your moment. There might be an opportunity to bring that recreation process to the masses.

What if we built at app which allowed you to upload an old family photo and share it with the community. Users can then take a new photo, recreating your original pose and share it back with you. Maybe the app can provide instruction on how to pose or adjust your stance so you’re directly mimicking the original. How fun would it be to see 20 other people trying to be you from 15yrs ago?!?

Disclaimer: These are original ideas by yours truly. When the “lightbulb” switched on, I didn’t have the resources or expertise needed to see them through. To keep knowledge sharing alive, I share them for all to read. Does this product or service already exist? Do you have feedback or industry insight? Are you interested in developing this idea? Leave a comment below or mention me on twitter. #Cheers

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