Type: Product
Potential Revenue Stream: $$$$
Pitch: Ahhhhh David Beckham. An incredibly talented athlete and, some may say, an even better looking individual. You’ve probably noticed that stringy thing keep his long flowing locks in place during intense soccer matches. Is that thing stylish or attractive? No. Is it successful at competing the task at hand? Maybe. Now, I’ll never claim to be anything like Mr. Beckham, but I do think we have something in common. When participating in any physical activity, be it at a world-renowned soccer stadium or a local workout facility, our hair is a mess. My African American friends have it made with their dew rags. I, on the other hand, don’t feel comfortable sporting one of those at the gym. So what if there was a product for men to use to contain their hair when working out?

Let’s create a form of headwear that is form fitting and perspiration wicking so folks like myself can contain their follicles when pumping iron or sprinting down the football field. It can have a bill so as to not get in the way and has to be machine washable. Maybe there is even a way to make it smart so that it can track my level of exertion and relay it to my phone!

Disclaimer: These are original ideas by yours truly. When the “lightbulb” switched on, I didn’t have the resources or expertise needed to see them through. To keep knowledge sharing alive, I share them for all to read. Does this product or service already exist? Do you have feedback or industry insight? Are you interested in developing this idea? Leave a comment below or mention me on twitter. #Cheers

Photo: LA Galaxy via flickr

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