Type: Service
Potential Revenue Stream: $$$$
Pitch: Safety nets are reassuring. It’s why we have insurance, right? During my time at Northern Tool and equipment a hot item was always the backup generators they carried. They were a safety net for the upper crust crowd who wanted to be covered when the power went out. Does a $5,000 investment in a “standby” generator make sense when you may only use it once every few years? Maybe not. But it sure makes you sleep better at night! Let’s now looks at safety nets on a smaller scale. My home is littered with devices. Tablets, phones, smart TVs, streaming devices…the list goes on. And when the wifi that powers those devices goes down, I hear about it! My daughters complain they can’t watch YouTube kids. My wife can’t listen to her audio books. I can’t watch the latest episode of Silicon Valley. What if we could prevent that from ever happening again? What if there was a wifi safety net?

Let’s create a device and/or service which always had wifi available. But wait, Bill, can’t phone hotspots fill this void?? Not if I’m not home and not if it’ll mean I’m using gobs of data from my carrier plan to cover the gap! What if I could pay $2/mo to have this backup plan? When my home wifi goes out, the safety net wifi kicks on and there is no down time. During the time my wifi is out (probably at most 24hrs), I have unlimited data to use for no additional fee. To prevent the 8yr old scream of “Dad, the wifi is down!”, I’d sign up!

Disclaimer: These are original ideas by yours truly. When the “lightbulb” switched on, I didn’t have the resources or expertise needed to see them through. To keep knowledge sharing alive, I share them for all to read. Does this product or service already exist? Do you have feedback or industry insight? Are you interested in developing this idea? Leave a comment below or mention me on twitter. #Cheers

Photo: Portal GDA via flickr

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