Type: Service
Potential Revenue Stream: $$$$
Pitch: We may not be living in a Jetson world yet, but autonomous cars are in our very near future. A freeway full of driverless vehicles got me thinking about timing. I may not be unique, but I pride myself on being punctual. So much so, that I’m often early to events and engagements. On the other hand, I know a fair amount of people who are the complete opposite. Fortunately there are slow lanes and fast lanes for each type of person. But how will it work when there are machine-driven cars on the road all (presumably) driving the same speed?

The FAA has implemented and optimized a highway for the sky so that commercial and personal aircraft can navigate in a way that gets them to their destination efficiently and promptly. Like airplanes, if I need to get from Point A to Point C while driver/passenger needs to get from Point B to the same Point C, how will that convergence be handled? Assuming that myself and the other individual could take the exact same route but I have more time to get there.

Let’s create a network to communicate between autonomous vehicles. So that, if the system knows I’m going to the same destination as 5 other drivers, but have more time than 3 of them, it can route my vehicle on a less optimal but still get me there on time. All while clearing the path for those with less time to spare. After all, if I’m just a passenger and don’t care how I get there (just that I get there on time).

The sweet spot? Autonomous vehicle manufacturers would pay to play in this network.

Disclaimer: These are original ideas by yours truly. When the “lightbulb” switched on, I didn’t have the resources or expertise needed to see them through. To keep knowledge sharing alive, I share them for all to read. Does this product or service already exist? Do you have feedback or industry insight? Are you interested in developing this idea? Leave a comment below or mention me on twitter. #Cheers

Photo: Steve Jurvetson via flickr

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